Here are some of the comments from our Guests and Carers about their experiences at Living Well Respite Centre.


"I have someone nurturing my husband, which allows me to enjoy some pampering and time to myself without worrying".

“It’s just beautiful, everyone is just beautiful I couldn’t ask for anything else”

Richard is 91 years he says “My wife Rita is my carer she’s not well at all, she’s home on her own but at least she’s getting a break from me today. I hurt my back 70 years ago, I’ve had that many operations it’s not funny, I’ve got lots of skin cancers too. Rita’s been caring for me virtually since we were married. This way we both get a break.

“I care for my wife Ellen, I’ve always been good but in January of 2016, I got anxiety and everyone said Ray you’ve had no respite. I’ve had three days off in 14 years. The anxieties pulled me back a bit but I’m trying to climb out of it. We’re from Melbourne and when you’re our age and with Ellen’s disability the move to the Gold Coast has been hard and hasn’t really worked out socially.

“Living Well Day Respite is invaluable for carers and clients with a terminal illness. In quiet surroundings with a group of dedicated staff and volunteers, who are all like Angels and give to those in need physically, mentally and spiritually 24/7. As a carer of a terminally ill gentleman aged 78.

"I have cared for my Husband, Kazik 69, since he had his first stroke almost five years ago. The second came two years later. This would be the only sense of nurturing I’ve had in five years. It’s just that short amount of time when someone is doing something nice for me. It’s helped me be in a better space than I have in those last five years.

"A very happy, relaxing and fulfilling day, meeting all my expectations. I especially enjoyed the thought provoking trivia games".