Our Guest, Richard

Richard is 91 years he says “My wife Rita is my carer she’s not well at all, she’s home on her own but at least she’s getting a break from me today. I hurt my back 70 years ago, I’ve had that many operations it’s not funny, I’ve got lots of skin cancers too. Rita’s been caring for me virtually since we were married. This way we both get a break. She’s got to put up with me seven days a week so she earns this one day off. She does everything for me but wipe my bum, she gets every meal she does my bandages everything. I walked in at 9 o’clock and they had my shoes off in a flash and were massaging my feet.How often do you get to sit down and have a beautiful lady run her hands over your feet?  What more could you want? This place is Heaven on earth”.