Hopewell Hospice

Hopewell Hospice was founded in 1994. It is part of Hopewell Hospice Services Inc., which includes the Living Well Respite Centre and Paradise Kids. The Hopewell Centre is located at 88 Allied Drive in Arundel on Australia's Gold Coast. The Hopewell Centre incorporates the Paradise Kids Building and the Living Well Respite Centre. In the Paradise Kids Building we have the Simply Divine Cafe and conduct the courses of Hopewell Education Services. 

Hopewell Hospice is a charitable, non-denominational, dedicated palliative care facility servicing the Gold Coast and surrounding regions. 'Hospice’ is linked in meaning to ‘hospitality’, and Hopewell Hospice is for people with life-limiting illnesses who require permanent accommodation at the end stage of life or shorter-term respite care. With eight beds in a home-like environment, the hospice provides holistic palliative and respite care, 24-hour on-site nursing, ancillary services and follow-up bereavement services.

Although the health system aims to encourage those with terminal illnesses to return home, this assumes that family or other carers are available and able to provide the level of assistance needed. Caring for a dying family member is a difficult task - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There is also a lot of uncertainty, and deciding on what is the ‘best’ thing to do can cause frustration, guilt, worry and fear. This is where Hopewell Hospice steps in to help, providing a home-style alternative to hospitalisation, and freeing carers from the onerous task of nursing their loved one, enabling them to spend quality time without the burden of physical duties. Families of hospice residents are welcome at the hospice at any hour of the day or night, as are their friends and pets, and everyone is encouraged to become part of the Hopewell family.

People ranging from 17 to 97 years of age have benefited from the hospitality provided by Hopewell. If you would like more information for yourself, a patient, or a family member please contact Hopewell Hospice on (07) 5563 2930 or click on the link below.